muslin #1621

muslin #1621, crafted by Charles Broderson size 16' x 17' folds into a duffle bag, can be stretched taught when setup

muslin #1615

foldable muslin 13'6" w x 15'L

canvas #1200

12'w x 20'rolled on a dowel, photo by Emmanuel s Monsalve , for Christoher John Rogers


musli n#1506 photo Brett Warren folds into a duffel bag

canvas #12154

12'x22' hand painted by chas brodersonn unprimed canvas rolled on a dowel, photo creative Adrian Buckmaster

canvas #12154

flipped to opposite end, 12'x22' , hand painted by charles broderson on unprimed canvas, rolled on a 12 ft dowel

muslin #1624

Naomi Cambell, ph Ethan James Green, Vogue Cover

muslin #1312

ph Josefina Santos, Teen Vogue

muslin #2500

ph Bret Warren, talent Barton Cowperthwaite

canvas #1288

ph elliot eric, vogue Thailand

#canvas #1276

ph emmanuel s monsalve,


done 3-2021 hand painted on unprimed canvas, rolled on a dowel, approx pantone match is warm gray 3U, 4U


done 3-2021, hand painted , soft / unprimed canvas, on a dowel approx Pantone 3U, 4U, warm gray

canvas #1274

12' w x 23' L canvas on a dowel, unprimed

muslin #1626

natural muslin #1626 size, 16 ft w x 26 ftLshipped in a duffel bag photo by Emmanual s Monsalve orfor Oscar de la Renta

muslin #1626

natural muslin 16'x26' shipped in a duffle bag photo Emmanuels Monsalve

canvas #1288

ph emmanuel s monsalve

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